Chace Family Photos

This gallery contains photos of Chace Family members, either born or by marriage. The first two photographs are of Miller and Mary Chace and Family.  These images are from Stereoscopic photos which were taken in Fall River, Massachusetts, around the
late 1860s or early 1870s by Joseph W. Warren.  Miller Chace died in 1876 and appears to be in his late seventies or early eighties in the photos below.  He is my Great Great Great Great Granduncle in that he was half-brother to Elijah Cornell, my Great Great Great Grandmother Lucretia Cornell's father.  Miller's father was Benjamin Chace who married Sarah Miller (Cornell) in 1777 after her first husband, Elijah Cornell, died.  Miller is also my second cousin six times removed in that his Grandfather George Chace and my GGGGGGGrandfather Moses Chace were brothers.  Obviously, Miller Chace was also Ezra Cornell's Uncle as Ezra and Lucretia were brother and sister.  Miller kept up a very active correspondence and wrote quite a few letters to Ezra.  The maiden name of Miller's wife, Mary, was Chace and she was his second cousin once removed.  Confusing?  Yeah, for me too sometimes.

Notice the person peaking through the window in the first photo?  Spooky.  Who is it?  Why wasn't he/she allowed to be in the photo?  And how about that Chucky-looking person in the back inside the doorway?  I have to assume that the three matronly-looking women are Miller's and Mary's youngest children Mary R. Chace, Phebe Ann Chace, and Lydia Boyce Chace.

Miller and Mary Chace and Family and Spooky people in the house.

In the following photo, Miller Chace is outfitted in his Quaker best.  Most of the Chace Family in Fall River and Valley Falls, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island during the 1700s and 1800s were Quakers.  Miller and Family were no exception.

Miller and Mary Chace and Family.

These are photos of several generations of Chaces that I have acquired over the last few years.  Thomas Chace, is my Great Great Great Grandfather.  His son Dr. Thomas Chace is my Great Great Grandfather, and Clive Chace is my Grandfather.  I have posted pictures of wives and husbands if available.

Thomas Chace age 83
Thomas Chace, Husband of Lucretia Cornell, at the age of 83.  Born 1807 in Douglass, Massachussetts.  Died 1895 in Shawnee, Kansas.
Thomas Chace

Lucretia Cornell Chace

Early photo of Thomas Chace, born 1807 in Providence, Rhode Island.  (Thanks to Tom Ackerman for providing this photo) Lucretia Cornell, Wife of Thomas Chace.  Born 1813 in Westchester County, New York.  Died 1845 in Providence, Rhode Island.
Elijah Cornell Chace
Abby Ellis Chace
Elijah Cornell Chace, son of Thomas and Lucretia Chace, Husband of Abby Ellis.  Born March 7, 1837 in Cranston, Rhode Island.
Abby Ellis, Wife of Elijah Cornell Chace.
Jesse Albert Chase Salina Alice England
Jesse Albert Chase at age 21. Son of Elijah Cornell Chace and Abigail Ellis. Born Feburary 26, 1869.
Salina Alice England, wife of Jesse Albert Chase.
Dr. Thomas Chace

No Photo Available
Dr. Thomas Chace, son of Thomas and Lucretia Chace, Husband of Lydia Effie Smith.  Born 1842 in Providence, Rhode Island.  Died 1893 in Shawnee, Kansas.
Lydia Effie Smith, Wife of Dr. Thomas Chace.  Born 1846 in Richland, Iowa.
Eunice Lucretia Chace
William C. Angell
Eunice Lucretia Chace, daughter of Thomas and Lucretia Chace.  Born 1844 in Providence, Rhode Island. Dr. William Cook Angell, Husband of Eunice Lucretia Chace.
Albert Henry Chace
Anna Lee Carman
Albert Henry Chace, son of Dr. Thomas Chace.  Born 1874 in Shawnee, Kansas. Anna Lee Carman, wife of Albert Henry Chace.  Born in 1879 in Holliday, Kansas.  Died 1926 in Shawnee, Kansas.
Clive Chace
Donafae Kelley
Clive Carman Chace, son of Albert Henry Chace and Anna Lee Carman.  Born 1916 in Montreal, Missouri.  Died 1999 in Kansas City, Kansas. Donafae Elizabeth Kelley, Wife of Clive Carman Chace.  Born 1923 in Jennings, Oklahoma.  Daughter of Samuel Henry Holmes Kelley (below).
Clive Carman Chace and Donafae Elizabeth Kelley Wedding Day
Clive and Donafae Chace on their Wedding Day.

Other Chace Family Photos:

James Burton Chace
James Burton Chace, born 1904.

Clive Carman Chace
Clive Carman Chace, born 1916.

Samuel Henry Holmes Kelley
Samuel Henry Holmes Kelley, born 1893.  Father of Donafae Elizabeth (Kelley) Chace.

Burgess Chace
Burgess Chace, son of Burgess Thomas Chace.  Born 17 March 1816 in Burrillville, Rhode Island.  Died 18 June 1883 in Shawnee, Kansas.  Brother of Thomas Chace (above) and Amasa Chace (below).
(Thanks to Tom Ackerman for providing this photo)

Amasa Chace
Amasa Chace, Son of Burgess Thomas Chace. 
Born January 22, 1823 in Gloucester, RI
(Thanks to Tom Ackerman for providing this photo)

Lydia Meader Chace
Lydia Meader Chace, wife of Amasa Chace.  Born 16 August 1823 in Charlotte, Vermont.
(Thanks to Tom Ackerman for providing this photo)

Henry Valentine Chase
Henry Valentine Chase, son of Amasa Chace and Lydia Meader.  Changed the spelling of his name to Chase.  Born 27 Apr 1852 in Dover, New Hampshire.  Died 29 August 1930.
(Thanks to Tom Ackerman for providing this photo)

Wedding Day HV Chace and Anna Newby
Henry Valentine Chase and Anna Newby on their wedding day 9 March 1885.
(Thanks to Tom Ackerman for providing this photo)

Mary Huldah Chace
Mary Huldah Chace, daughter of Amasa Chace and Lydia Meader Chace.  Born 13 November 1855 in Oskaloosa, Iowa.  Married Francis Alfred Wright.
(Thanks to Tom Ackerman for providing this photo)

Francis Alfred Wright
Francis Alfred Wright, born 1849 in Middlesborough, Yorkshire, England.  Husband of Mary Huldah Chace.
(Thanks to Tom Wright for providing this photo)

Henry Wright
Henry Wright, Architect and City Planner, born 1879.  Son of Francis Alfred Wright and Mary Huldah Chace.